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Auto Transport Accidents and Car Hauler Crash Pictures

We understand accidents happen, that is why we are trying to prevent them by screening and using only the safest drivers to transport your vehicles. All of our car carriers are experienced, trained, licensed, fully insured and have years of driving experience to safely haul your vehicles. Below are pictures of accidents, crashes, explosions and flip overs reported throughout North America.

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“Middletown and Odessa firefighters in Delaware work to extinguish flames from a burning car hauler Tuesday on Boyds Corner Road near the intersection with Summit Bridge Road north of Middletown. Five cars and the hauler were severely damaged in the fire that started shortly before 6:30 p.m. The flames were visible from at least 15 miles away.”

“Law enforcement officials investigate the scene of an accident that killed two occupants of a Ford Focus after a head-on collision with a semi car transport truck Monday on Highway 191 in Grand Teton Naional Park, Wyoming. The driver of the truck was not seriously injured.”

“LAUGHLIN, NevadaAn out-of-control semi-truck loaded with cars careened off a bridge and crashed into the Colorado River near Laughlin, said the Nevada Highway Patrol.The truck was eastbound on state Route 163, a main roadway through the town on the Nevada-Arizona state line, said Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Honea.”

“A car hauler, as well as several vehicles it was hauling, rests Thursday in the ditch west of U.S. Highway 24-40 near Kansas Avenue. According to the driver of the vehicle, the interior and exterior lights on the hauler went out as he was driving about 9 p.m. Wednesday and his vehicle went off the road where the highway curves.”

Here you go! The improper way of of unloading an SUV.

Car hauler carrying some exotic classic cars was caught up on the railroad tracks when a train pounded right through his trailer. The driver was unharmed and managed to escape prior to the impact aswell as the locomotive operators. The 2 Porsche Speedster’s were damaged along with other vehicles.

Ooops….. I left the deck up!

Roasted BBQ car hauler

KENT, Washington – A freight train smashed into a semi truck loaded with new cars as the truck was crossing the tracks. There were no injuries reported in the crash, which took place on State Route 167 at South 212th Street.

This auto transport trailer burned while parked in rail yard in Toronto, Canada.

Shane Dallas, SFC Emergency Management Coordinator, from Forrest City, Arkansas – was at the scene and spoke to the car hauler driver about what happened.

“The driver stated that he had a blow out and pulled over to get out of traffic,” said Dallas. “He got out of the cab and saw that the rubber on the tire was on fire. He tried to put it out himself with a fire extinguisher. After he figured out that he couldn’t put it out by himself, he tried to remove the trailer so the vehicles he was hauling would not get caught in the fire.” Dallas stated that driver told him that he heard a loud pop caused by the fire, so he got away from the hauler. “Seven out of eight of the vehicles he was hauling were heavily damaged in the fire,” Dallas said.

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